3D Digitized scanning

J&L 3D Digitized scanning offers precise, reliable field measurement of surfaces in high detail that speeds the analysis of free form surfaces. J&L's tools include the latest in ATOS technologies that fit any application including:
     - a Blue light system for repeatable production runs
     - a TRITOP system that can be taken on the road to analyze even large parts (flexible).

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Equipment / Capacity

(1) Blue Light ATOS III 3D Triple Scan

PolyWorks inspection software
TRITOP portable photogrammetry
Mitutoyo Profilometer

GOM Inspect software

No size limitations (mobile scan capabilities) with TRITOP   What is TRITOP?

Product Inspected/ Layouts
3D Printed Parts
Additive Manufactured parts
Industrial Gas Turbine (IGT)
Pump housings
and countless others (see Industries Served)

Tools available
    - Discus ballooning/reporting
    - Excel summaries of probability
    - Wire EDM Soldic for section slicing
    - Optical Comparator (5X/10X/20X/50X/100X capability)

Report delivery
    - J&L-provided FTP site

Types of Layouts
(Full or partial internal &/or external study)

First article inspection
Root Cause Analysis
Probability studies
Last article inspection
Quality Control
Rapid Manufacturing
Reverse Engineering
Performance correlations
Repeatability and Reliability (R&R)

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