In order to serve you better on this quote, the estimator will need the following information before proceeding:

Layout Inspection quote requirements

    3D digitizing
Layout type
    100% or Partial
    Internal or External (or both Internal and External)
    Scan only (3D digitizing)
    Program only (CMM)
    # of parts to be inspected on this quote
    Are they in an electronic or hard form?
    Are they ballooned?
CAD Model available for these parts
Report Master
    AS9100 standard form, or
    Form will be provided with job.
Layout  Fixture
    Use standard fixture, or....
    Fixture will be provided with job.

Finishing quote requirements

Part Sample (typical casting in unfinished condition) - 3 pieces
Number of pieces/week to be finished
Work Instructions/special requirements including but not limited to:
     - Visual/Blend Specifications
     - Blending material limitation (alum oxide, silicon carbide etc)
Quarantine requirements, if any

FPI quote requirements

BluePrints & Specification criteria (tolerances)
Number of pieces/week to be finished